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  Sidewinder One Vacuum Front-End

Sidewinder One is a complete material interface system providing substrate loading and unloading for vacuum processing equipment. The system is extremely flexible and can be configured for single substrate operation or fully automated cassette-to-cassette handling.

Sidewinder One accepts circular substrates from 3-inch to 200mm diameter. Square or rectangular substrates measuring up to 150mm (6 inches) on the longest edge can also be readily handled.

In addition to robotic aspects, Sidewinder One includes vacuum system plumbing and control. Venting and purging of the vacuum envelope are routinely addressed.

Sidewinder One offers the most cost effective solution to wafer handling available without sacrificing performance or reliability, making Sidewinder One a truly outstanding value.

Please contact EMS for more information on the Sidewinder One and how it can be configured to meet your specific needs.

PDF file for product "cut Sheet"
PDF file for typical installation drawing
Optional Short-Stack Loader Coming Soon

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