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  Wafer Handling Systems (Accu-Handlerô Series)

In addition to contract manufacturing EMS also markets its own line of wafer handling products. These products are the result of years of working closely with certain Semiconductor equipment manufacturers and afford EMS a unique "value added" position. That is, EMS wafer handling products can be easily combined with the customer's process technology to create a complete process tool. EMS has focused primarily on vacuum applications for these handling products with the robotics based on the industry proven Hine Design 4.5 Vacuum Robot and the 48V Vacuum Elevator. EMS purchased the manufacturing rights for these products from Asyst Technologies in 2003 and has continued to market service and further develop the line.

In order to be able to offer highly developed control systems on our wafer handling front-end products EMS incorporates the Berkeley Process Control BXi controller. Doing this allows EMS to offer a new system based on years of motion control development and know-how. Thus eliminating the normal risks associated with the development of new control systems.

These systems are designed to offer outstanding value whether purchasing components such as the 4.5 Robot or a complete front-end such as Sidewinder One. EMS also provides custom wafer and material handling products to meet specific customer needs.

Typical Applications Include:

Thin Film Etch and Deposition Equipment

Sputter and Evaporation Equipment

Automation for Metrology Stations

Atmospheric Test and Measurement Stations

4.5 Vacuum Robotic Arm
48V Vacuum Elevator
Sidewinder One Vacuum Front-End
Sidewinder Six Vacuum Front-End
Cimarron Vacuum Front-End
6.5 Atmospheric Robotic Arm
Chaparral Atmospheric Front-End