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  Rack and Panel Assemblies

Groups of components can only form a system once the mechanical and electrical link among them is made. The Rack and Panel type electrical system is the most common method to integrate instruments, power supplies and discrete transducers into a functional system. With today's technology digital, analog, low voltage power, RF and optical fiber often coexist within the same control cabinet. EMS has the know-how and experience to handle even the most demanding interconnect requirements.

EMS can also provide engineering support at virtually any level required. This can be done as either supplemental support to your in-house team or as a complete, out sourced project designed and built to your specifications.

Typical Applications Include:

Industrial Process Control Equipment

Semiconductor Process Equipment

Automation and Control Cabinets

Test and Measurement Stations

Electrical Control Panels
Vacuum System Assembly
Process Gas Control
Rack and Panel Assemblies
Harness and Cable Assemblies
Structural Frames and Dress Panels