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  Process Gas Control

Process gas control is a critical subsystem in nearly every thin film process system. While conceptually simple, successful fabrication requires close attention to weld technique and cleanliness. EMS has extensive experience in all aspects of the fabrication of these specialized assemblies and we understand and appreciate both the performance and safety issues posed. This allows EMS to produce clean, leak-tight product that can be delivered directly to your application without the need for further inspection or testing.

EMS can also provide engineering support at virtually any level required. This can be done as either supplemental support to your in-house team or as a complete, out sourced project designed and built to your specifications.

Typical Applications Include:

Wafer Handling Modules

Thin Film Process Chambers

Plasma Process Chambers

Vacuum Plumbing Assemblies

Electrical Control Panels
Vacuum System Assembly
Process Gas Control
Rack and Panel Assemblies
Harness and Cable Assemblies
Structural Frames and Dress Panels