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  Harness and Cable Assemblies

Whether part of a more extensive assembly or provided on a component basis EMS can design and manufacture nearly any type of wire harness and cable assembly required. With more than 20 years experience in building wiring assemblies EMS has the know-how to handle even the most complex jobs and a provide high quality product every time. We guarantee that our wiring products will comply with all customer supplied specifications while meeting time and budget constraints.

Cable Assemblies

EMS has extensive experience manufacturing a variety of custom cable assemblies including: round, coaxial, modular patch cables, RS232, RS442, RS449, V.35 SCSI 1, SCSI 2, voice & data and RF cable assemblies. We utilize only the best quality cable and connectors available and adhere to strict workmanship standards to deliver the best product possible to our customers. EMS has the flexibility to meet all your wiring needs from prototype assemblies to high volume production runs. Experience, speed, high-quality, and flexibility, make EMS the best choice for all your cable assembly needs.

Wire Harnesses

While a natural extension of cable assemblies, wiring harnesses offer an even more complex and demanding wiring challenge. At EMS we have extensive experience with all types of wiring harnesses; from the simplest low voltage control to the most complex high voltage power applications, we have the know-how. EMS can provide complete engineering and design service for your application or manufacture to customer supplied documentation. In every case you can be assured that EMS is the best choice for all your wiring needs.

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