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EMS, Inc. provides software professionals for a complete range of software consulting services to multi-national clients and organizations of all sizes.

MAX Development Project

The project consists of developing an Oracle based application which seamlessly allows porting data from SAP into Oracle. All data fields must have complete validation and adherence to original database specifications. The data transfer will be bi-directional.


People are one of the most important assets of any organization, but recruiting, hiring, training and developing quality employees takes time; time that could otherwise go to growing your business.

Effectively managing your employee resource will pay dividends. You can still dedicate the time and attention needed for the selection and management of key employees, while focusing on the other critical aspects of your business. That's where we come in.

EMS, Inc. offers you the professional expertise and experience to recruit and select people effectively. Our qualified recruiters and assessors have many years of hands on experience helping businesses and organizations make the right recruitment and selection decisions. We employ a structured process for recruitment, selection, management and development to improve your selection performance.

EMS, Inc. was founded with a mission to be a globally preferred provider of software solutions (focused on Internet and Client-Server applications) and consulting services. We are a progressive organization committed to providing high quality software development and consulting services which consistently meet our clients' changing needs. Our prime objective is to remain on the leading edge of technology without losing sight of customer requirements.

Our pool of highly qualified, dedicated software professionals can provide analysis, design, development, testing and maintenance of high-quality software solutions for large-scale implementations or small projects. Our goal is to provide complete solutions to your software development needs.

We continually recruit high caliber technical professionals who can not only complete your specific project, but can also grow personally and professionally with your company and play an active role in the growth of your organization.

We understand the intangible nature of software. Our people follow industry accepted principles of software engineering and use appropriate tools and methodologies to build and maintain software projects. We have a dedicated process infrastructure to support software project activity. We have well laid policies and procedures that drive these processes. We stress a well-defined engineering process that integrates all the software engineering activities. Our quality process is tuned to SEI-CMM process framework.


Software Services