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Since its inception EMS Machining has made customer satisfaction our primary objective. Personal attention to the needs of our customers and superior dedication to quality is our assurance of success, to our most valuable resource, our customers. EMS is equipped with the latest technology in CNC and conventional machining equipment, as well as the latest software for machine programming and shop floor management. To date, EMS has established a strong foothold in a number of “High Tech” markets such as the Semiconductor and Pharmaceutical industries where accuracy, quality, and timeliness are critical factors in a successful outsourcing partnership. So from the simplest components to the most complex and from prototype development to full production runs EMS will deliver.

Our Machine shop unit is managed as a job shop to provide the needed flexibility. Whether production runs or prototype, customer’s parts can be delivered complete, including such additional services as plating, painting, powder coat and silk screening. Average lead times range from 2-5 weeks depending on material and complexity. EMS prides itself on its capability to deliver 100% defective-free parts and consistently meet quoted delivery times. Each part is fabricated using a documented process flow with a 100% final inspection supporting the overall quality control and guaranteeing that every detail of your part has been checked and verified. EMS can easily accommodate blanket orders, JIT and KANBAN delivery systems and EMS continues to expand and upgrade both its capabilities and facilities. We look forward to helping make your business a success.


EMS has a large diversity of materials capabilities which include, but is not limited to, Aluminum, Steel, Stainless Steel Monel and various plastics.